CFG Health Systems, LLC (CFG) is a medical, dental and behavioral healthcare provider dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to correctional facilities. For years our proven programs, experienced personnel, vast resources and unmatched expertise have made CFG Health Systems, LLC the best healthcare services choice for both private and public sector organizations. We are proud of our ability to design and implement customized programs based on the specific needs, resources and operational characteristics of our clients.


The mission of CFG Health Systems, LLC is to provide quality health services in correctional facilities which are consistent with community standards of care and best practices to ensure the physical and psychological well-being of the inmate which are delivered in a fiscally responsible manner.

Featured Services

Healthcare Services

CFG Health Systems, LLC (CFG) is a physician owned company that provides comprehensive and cost-effective medical services to incarcerated individuals. Our continued investment in our processes and performance standards has allowed us to emerge as a leading correctional services provider. With an intense focus on excellent clinical care and client service, we aim to provide personalized service to each of our correctional partners.

Behavioral Health Services

CFG Health Systems, LLC (CFG) delivers behavioral health services to incarcerated individuals. The process of providing a jail population with mental health services is a challenging endeavor. CFG is well aware of the complex issues that arise when managing multiple levels of mental healthcare, while providing on-going interventions and establishing services to prevent the escalation of problems stemming from the mental health problems prevalent among the inmate population. A core component of CFG's approach to a successful mental health program in a jail environment is early identification and intervention when addressing the risks and challenges posed to inmates.

Telemedicine / Telepsychiatry

Insight Telepsychiatry, LLC, CFG Health Networks telepsych division, was founded in 1999. Our services allow face-to-face psychiatric evaluations with a behavioral health specialist beyond the scope of the traditional office setting. Our advanced approach to behavioral healthcare services has distinguished us as the premier provider of telepsychiatry services in correctional settings.



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